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Everyone agrees that Rohan Sippy's Dum Maaro Dum is a slick and stylish production but is that enough to carry the move through? While the film scores on the style-quotient, it suffers on account of the writing that fails to create an emotional connect.

NDTV's Anupam Chopra says that the film had all the elements but they just don't add-up:

Dum Maaro Dum has all the ingredients of crackling entertainment: a sun-kissed but suitably seamy location: Goa. A subject that works as an anti-drug cautionary tale but also provides ample opportunity to revel in the gritty glamour of rave parties, cocaine and formidably toned women wearing as little as possible. A director - Rohan Sippy - who has an edgy sensibility and loves stylistic flourishes.

And yet, she adds,

This is one film that should soar but sadly it never quite takes flight. The problem is the writing.

CNN-IBN's Rajeev Masand echoes similar views on the movie and calls it 'haphazard'. He says that DMD "is a heady cocktail of crime, deceit, love, sex and drama" but "fails to come together as the slick action thriller" and he too blames it on the script:

Early on in 'Dum Maaro Dum' it becomes clear that the script's playing second fiddle to the stylish technical treatment — from snazzy editing tricks and edgy cinematography to a pulsating background score. Like the director's last film, 'Bluffmaster', this one too is gimmicky in the way it's pieced together.

Aniruddha Guha from the DNA feels that DMD leaves you 'high and dry'. He says,

That's pretty much how DMD works throughout. It wows you, only to meander for a while before finding its groove again, and the cycle is repeated. Entertaining without doubt, but you wish the inconsistencies didn't come to spoil the party from time to time.

However, Nikhat Kazmi from the Times of India seems to think that the film works despite the inconsistencies:

Further more, there is the stylization of the film and its dramatic narration that makes it a compelling watch. The film slags in places and needs tightening, but the lull is followed by a tangy twist in the tale, which makes up for the occasional yawn. Shridhar Raghavan writes a thrilling cops and robbers tale which has some quirky banter scripted by Purva Naresh. Add to this Goa captured in glowing colours by cinematographer Amit Roy and a peppy music score by Pritam, and director Rohan Sippy gives you a film that keeps the popcorn crackling, till the very end.

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