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Like someone rightly said some films should not be remade and Gautham Menon's 'Ekk Deewana Tha' definitely shouldn't have been.

Taran Adarsh points out the obvious loopholes in his review:

Both, the Tamil version [VINNAITHAANDI VARUVAAYAA] and also its Telugu adaptation [YE MAAYA CHESAVE] were considered path-breaking motion pictures. Though essentially a remake, EKK DEEWANA THA conjures memories of K. Balachander's roaring hit EK DUUJE KE LIYE. Menon is a master storyteller, no two opinions on that, but EKK DEEWANA THA fails to leave an impact for a valid reason: A beaten to death plot tends to stagnate after a point. Also, Menon overstays the hospitality by dragging the film in its second hour. Just when you think the story would conclude, Menon does a time travel and starts a new chapter in this never-ending love story. That, honestly, only makes this snail-paced movie a taxing and cumbersome experience.

Bollywood loves a good romance but not one where the plot is dragged endlessly just to increase the runtime. Rajeev Masand says that the film tests the viewer's 'threshold for pain':

Cutting between Mumbai and Kerala, the film's second half meanders carelessly, and at such a sluggish pace you'll have to check your pulse to make sure you're still breathing. Manu Rishi, who plays Sachin's mentor, and a Bollywood cameraman, infuses some energy with his smart lines and his natural style of acting. But it's not enough to save this sloppy film from its imminent fate. The resolution of the couple's conflict is so convenient, you'll want to smack them for not arriving at it one hour ago.

The pre-movie buzz was all about Prateik and Amy's sizzling on/off screen chemistry but unfortunately the reel and real sparks had no catalytic effect on the film. Kaveree Bamzai writes:

Prateik spends a lot of time in the movie dancing around Amy, kissing her on her firmly closed mouth, and wearing linen suits he could ill afford on his assistant director's salary. We lose patience with him even though he tries desperately hard to infuse some energy into the proceedings. We are supposed to feel the longing he has for Amy. We only feel the irritation. Get on with it guys you want to say. Come to the point. By the time they do you are exhausted, and want to do what Prateik says Amy's character did to his feelings-showed him the middle finger. So there.

Is the film completely unwatchable then? Well, I have my reasons to like some moments and even Avijit Ghosh writes in the TOI, "Ekk Deewana Tha has its moments but it doesn't really put you in the mood for love."

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