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Debutant director Anu Menon's 'London Paris New York' is an effortless watch and the fast pace of the film doesn't give the viewer too much time to ponder over the flaws.

I have realized the least I expect from a film, the better it works for me and Shubhra Gupta seems to echo the same sentiment in her review:

A film that sounds like an itinerary of newlyweds on an international honeymoon manages to deliver a desi rom com with flavour and zing, coasting on a guy and a girl who look like they can't wait to get it on. That last is such a rarity in a Bollywood flick that it makes us willing and able to overlook the saggy bits.

Kunal is definitely not willing to overlook the flaws and he gives 'LPNY' a 0.3 rating:

Often directors believe the city their film is set in is a character in itself. By that logic, this one has three and if you watch this movie, they perform better than the lead cast. 'Accidently in love' is the most jaded theme in Hindi films and orchestrating that in foreign locations is like a prototype. But this celluloid catastrophe trashes tried and tested formulas to prove that sometimes even marking all the ticks can produce a big cross at the box office.

For many including Rajeev Masand, the lead pair's spontaneity and Nikhil's (Ali Zafar) pre-climax scene is 'paisa vasool':

What the film has going for it, however, is its breezy vibe, and the crackling chemistry between its leads. The humor, initiated mostly by Nikhil, isn't of the laugh-out-loud variety, but includes some clever zingers…like the nickname he gives her — Lalithapedia — for her tendency to stock useless information on just about everything. There's a refreshing frankness in the way the couple discusses sexual attraction; and a spontaneous outburst from Nikhil in a pre-climax scene in New York is superbly written and nicely performed.

It's refreshing to see the spark between the lead pair and it's quite obvious that the two are capable of much more, Kaveree Bamzai points out:

Like most rom coms, the boy is a duffer and the girl is super smart. He reads Mills and Boons and she reads Will Durant. But this duffer boy has a certain charm to him even though he does spend a lot of time fixing his hair. Plus he can write and song his own songs-I see Ali Zafar having to settle down in India permanently. Hydari is a sparkly little thing, totally wasted in Rock Star which would have been a different film if she had been allowed to play the role of Unlucky Lips, Nargis Fakhri. Yes, yes, the movie is heavily borrowed from Before Sunset, Before Sunrise and every other movie about love with a deadline, but there is a refreshing sweetness to it. They look good in their perfectly assembled "looks"-one for each of the three cities. And more importantly, they look good together.

Ali Zafar not only looks nice and acts well but scores with the music as well. Madhureeta Mukherjee writes in 'The Times of India':

When you have a pop-icon for a music composer, the tracks are bound to be spot-on. Ali Zafar's music gives the film its freshness and adds to the lyricism of the love story. London Paris New York is a sweet story that deals with very real emotions. It is urbane, cool and thankfully, not dated. The simplicity of the dialogues makes it enjoyable. It deals with the trials and tribulations of the youth, and the complexities of finding real love. It probably won't move you to tears, but one thing is for sure -- after traveling across the globe, this one won't leave you jet-lagged.

This film has its moments and I found it better than the last three romantic comedies ('Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu', 'Ekk Deewana Tha' and 'Jodi Breakers') put together.

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