Yahoo Movies Review: Main Tera Hero

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Cast: Varun Dhawan,Ileana D’Cruz, Nargis Fakhri, Arunoday Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Anupam Kher

Direction: David Dhawan

Rating: ***

If you have to make slapstick comedy, do it like David Dhawan. ‘MainTera Hero’ has the right dose of mad humour, well choreographed fight sequences, some peppy dance numbers, an ogle-worthy hero and two well-sculpted heroines.

David Dhawan’s comedies usually boast of a multi-star cast but for ‘Main TeraHero’, Varun Dhawan provides the perfect blend of Salman-tricks and Govinda-esque school of humour. He has an inherent stupid look on his face and it seems to go so well with his character, Sreenath Prasad in this film. While he seems to struggle a bit with the comic timing, he manages to charm his way through the film. The close-up shots of his six-pack abs and the ease with which he performs the action and dance sequences are definitely whistle-worthy.

This is the kind of comedy that a Sajid Khan or more recently an Indra Kumar (of ‘Grand Masti’ fame) aspires to make but fail. What they dish out instead are puerile comedies replete with sexual innuendos and gay jokes. For the most part Dhawan’s comedy of errors stays away from crassness.

You may quickly tire of the bland “knock knock” jokes that the fierce-looking Arunoday Singh unintelligently mouths every now and then but there are other elements of fun. Saurabh Shukla’s wisecracks are spot on and Anupam Kher’s echoing dialogues evoke some genuine laughter. Rajpal Yadav see

ms to be trying too hard to be the funny sidekick; he needed to underplay his part just a little bit. Smarter dialogues could have made the film a laughter riot.

While the first half is breezy and super fun, the second half could have been a tad shorter; we spend too much time on the foreplay to the climax. All-in-all Dhawan’s ‘Main Tera Hero’ manages to deliver on the entertainment quotient.

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