Yahoo Movies Review: Ragini MMS 2

Rummana Ahmed


Cast: Sunny Leone,Parvin Dabbas, Sandhya Mridul, Divya Dutt

Direction: Bhushan Patel

Rating: ½

The makers of this film would have you believe that ‘Ragini MMS 2’ belongs to the new “horrex” genre – horror + sex. Be not confused, this film is simply the mainstreaming of porn in Hindi cinema. There is enough opportunity for cheap titillation.

The film is replete with sexual innuendos and the director makes sure that Sunny Leone gets to brandish her craft with flair. Therefore, the plot completely focuses on getting Leone to shed her inhibitions and indulge in real or imaginary intimate scenes with almost every man of the cast. The brief seems to be very clear, if you have a porn star on the house, then we must have enough scenes of her either topless or walking around skimpily clad in clothes that look straight out of a Victoria Secret catalogue. Is that consequential to the story? May be not but who cares? The storytellers most definitely don’t.

If you really care about the story, the prequel ‘Ragini MMS’ had some genuinely scary moments. The fact that we could not put a face to the fear for most ofthe film had made it thrilling. ‘Ragini MMS 2’ is ridden with clichés and the backstory seems completely inconsequential to the current happenings in the house. Isn’t it about time that Bollywood realized that a horror film doesn’t need extensive explanation? The more incomprehensible the happenings are, the more intrigue it arouses.

Every character in this film is a caricature and I am thinking that part of it is intentional but the shoddily written dialogues provide little comic relief. And that’s a shame because this cast could have belted out a class act. Actors like Parvin Dabbas, Divya Dutt and Sandhya Mridul are made to mouth some of the most corny lines in the film.  Sample this,when Sunny (Sunny Leone) tells her director (Parvin Dabbas) that she wants to meet the real Ragini to add authenticity to her role, he replies saying, “Yeh porno se Rituparno kab se ho gayi?”

If Sunny Leone thinks she is trying to move away from the adult star mold she is indeed delusional. This film not only reinforces every stereotype in the book but it is indeed impossible to imagine Sunny Leone is capable of doing more than fake orgasms on screen.

I get that probably the objective of this film is to rake in easy moolah and the rest of the padding is just meaningless banter but I just have two questions. First, in today’s day and age when most of us have easy access to porn – clips, MMSes and online portals, why would you pay to go and watch Sunny Leone semi-nude? And second, this is not some B-grade production house, when Ekta Kapoor is producing this “horrex” can’t she at the least get some decent dialogue writers for this film?

My half star is for the unintentional fun that you end up having while watching‘Ragini MMS 2’ – the hero’s poor impression of Rajkummar Rao and Sandhya Mridul’s Rakhi Sawant act are over-the-top but mildly funny.

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