Yahoo Movies Review: Boss

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Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shiv Pandit, Aditi Rao Hydari, Mithun Chakraborty

Direction: Anthony D’Souza

Rating: **1/2

Anthony D’Souza blatantly panders to the typical Bollywood formula. Shoddy writing and mediocre performances do nothing to lift the sagging plot.

The plot trajectory is something like this – action, song, drama. Repeat. For some variation we have, action, action, song, drama… more drama.  Once the story starts panning out in this predictable format and you realize that the plot is as new as any 1970’s potboiler, there is little to keep you hooked.

Akshay Kumar’s action-and-comedy routine has been done to death and there is no attempt by the actor to infuse any novelty into his character. In fact, Akshay himself looks bored and sleep walks through most of the film. Wouldn’t he much rather risk taking on something different, a character that challenges his craft as an actor, a role that is layered and complex?

Since, Akshay was introduced so late in the narrative, I had hoped that Shiv Pandit would be the silver lining. However, Shiv’s character is relegated to the background once our khiladi makes an appearance. The romantic track between Shiv and Aditi also fizzles out failing to make any impression.

Moments of genuine humour, like the fight sequence in the dargah are rare and a little too late. Ronit Roy and Danny Denzongpa are commendable in their supporting roles but even that isn’t enough.

Except the ‘Har kissi ko nahi milta’ song, neither Sonakshi nor the music provides any relief. ‘Boss’ just reeks of lazy filmmaking.

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