Yahoo Movies Review: Dhoom 3

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Cast: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif

Direction: Vijay Krishna Acharya

Rating: ****

‘Dhoom 3’ is big on style and completely delivers on the entertainment quotient. The fact that it comes at a cost of suspension of logic at times, I guess is a given. What rankles is that a film with Aamir Khan is expected to have some kind of coherence to rationale. The film’s adherence to plot points slips every now and then but they make up for it with super chase sequences.

The ‘Dhoom’ franchise has always been obsessed with the anti-hero. From Hrithik Roshan’s different looks in ‘Dhoom 2’ to the suspense around who will be chosen as the next villain has always garnered attention. Much before the shooting started we were already discussing who would be the female lead opposite Aamir Khan, what would be his look, what would be different in this installment of the action flick?

I guess as far as the anticipation around the anti-hero is concerned, ‘Dhoom 3’ does complete justice – Aamir’s screen presence from his very first appearance is commanding. His well-chiseled body as he looks over the Chicago skyline, his open challenge to the police and the sequences where he drives dangerously through downtown, shows that Aamir relishes brandishing his craft, every time attempting a role that is completely different from what he has ever done before. More than once you find the audience breaking into spontaneous applause.

And because you know Aamir’s craft you wonder why you never see him execute any of the robberies, you repeatedly see the chase but never the actual act. You would excuse this in the prequels but not when Mr Perfectionist is involved. It also baffles you when you see that the climax is as predictable as the rest of the series.

Even though you understand that the actual heroes wouldn’t actually have much to do in this film, it is still exasperating to see Abhishek Bachchan sleepwalk through another film. I guess he still feels that getting cast in a film is his birthright.  He plays his role straight, bringing no variation or novelty to his portrayal. Abhishek’s character has been so relegated to the background that the director doesn’t even bother with providing him with a romantic interest any longer.

Jai (Abhishek) and Ali (Uday Chopra) have no spunk and bring zero comic relief. Their wisecracks have been done to death and I couldn’t manage a genuine laugh in all the banter that kept going back and forth.

Kudos to Katrina Kaif for having us take notice of her in a role that is a little longer than a cameo. Watching her in ‘Kamli’ and ‘Malang’, as her skin shimmers and she displays immense flexibility and fitness, you realize how much hard work has gone into preparing for it.

It is sad that the romantic track and the emotional bits just pull down the pace of the plot. It is also interesting to see how Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) uses emotional manipulation as bait, clearly incapable of doing anything smarter. With better opponents for the very savvy illusionist/joker/thief the film would have been at a completely different experience.

Except the ‘Malang’ song there’s not much to say about Pritam’s music.

If you are still wondering why I gave the film 4 stars after all I have said, I must accede that the 4 star rating is very generous and it is because the film was super entertainment, the first half really has edge-of-the seat tension and the twists are really well executed. To give the film its due it is definitely the best ‘Dhoom’.

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