Yahoo Movies Review: Grand Masti

Rummana Ahmed

Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani

Direction: Indra Kumar

Rating: 0

Indra Kumar might want to pass this off as an adult comedy but ‘Grand Masti’ takes crassness in cinema to a whole new level. Even if you were to surrender yourself to the shock value of the cringe-worthy jokes, they are repetitive and unabashedly unoriginal.

‘Grand Masti’ is not only offensive but regressive cinema. Sample this:

1) The film starts with our heroes eliciting how A, B, C has been taught all wrong and then cut to tight close-up of body parts to enunciate their real meaning.

2) Riteish has an infant child and is always complaining about the lack of a sex life and to elaborate his desperation he doesn’t refrain from using abusive language against his newborn.

3) A buxom former girlfriend has no qualms about announcing that she now owns a milk factory and over again and over again they crack innuendos surrounding “milk production”.

Some would say the film is insulting because it objectifies women. On a day when the nation heaved a sigh of relief when the court awarded death penalty to the Delhi gang-rape convicts, this film makes no bones about cracking distasteful rape jokes.

But they don’t stop there, slapstick humour about male infertility abounds. Nothing is off limits for the filmmakers; there is no respite from unpalatable jokes for the 2-hour-16-minute running time.

How do mainstream actors agree to do a film like this? I understand Vivek and Aftab’s desperation; none of the directors touch them with a barge pole but Riteish has stooped to a new career low with this one.

‘Grand Masti’ might eventually go on to make a decent amount of money and that exposes the inherent Indian hypocrisy. Double standards where films like ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’ spoil the moral fibre of our youth, but we have no problems laughing at the cheap humour ‘Grand Masti’ espouses. Where do we draw the line between harmless fun and crass humour?

‘Grand Masti’ reeks of insensitivity and touches a new low as far as obscenity in Bollywood is concerned.

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