Yahoo! Movies Review: Inkaar

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Cast: Arjun Rampal, Chitrangda Singh, Vipin Sharma

Direction: Sudhir Mishra

Rating: ****

Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Inkaar’ is an intriguing tale about office romance, professional jealousy and sexual harassment at the workplace. It could have been a tedious linear narrative but the director’s layered approach keeps the viewer hooked till the very end.

Maya Luthra (Chitrangda Singh) is a small-town girl who comes to Mumbai aspiring to make it big in the advertising world. Rahul Verma (Arjun Rampal), CEO of the company mentors her as she begins her climb up the ladder in the professional world. They have a brief affair which soon falls apart. A few years later when she is back in the city as one of the board of directors of the company, there is a clash of ideas and egos between the lead pair. A sexual harassment case ensues but it is difficult to take sides as you hear both sides of the story and realize that this is a not a simple open-and-shut case. The film manages to draw you in and keeps you engaged as you try to figure out whether Maya is really a victim or just a women scorned seeking revenge aka Demi Moore style (Disclosure)? Is Rahul really innocent or is he just too suave to get caught?

Sudhir Mishra deftly plays with the greys in this story steering clear of any form of titillation. He addresses stereotypes that exist in every work environment but at the same time doesn’t reinforce omnipresent Bollywood stereotypes like a compulsory gay character or ambitious women with no morals. While the story switches between the perspectives of the two lead characters, the director manages to step back and remain detached to the extent that his portrayal is in no way biased towards either sex.

What works for ‘Inkaar’ is the solid performances by the lead characters and the supporting cast. Arjun might not been very strong in the emotional bits but he delivers one of his best performances till date. Chitrangda looks and acts sharp, it’s a pleasure to watch Vipin Sharma, Deepti Naval and Kanwaljeet on the big screen after quite a while. Shantanu Moitra music is as usual peppy and hummable.

This one is definitely a must watch.

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