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Prabhudheva's 'Rowdy Rathore' is a typical masala film, packed with romance, drama, melodrama and lots of action. The film is loaded with Tamil-style punch lines, slow motion action sequences where blood quietly trickles on to dusty ground and menacing-looking villains who live in a Ramgarh-styled (remember, Sholay) haunt.

The protagonist is a smart small time conman who is ready to mend his ways when he falls in love. Just when he is ready to turn over a new leaf, he runs into a small girl who thinks he is her father and some goons who are people vying for his blood. A few chases and some confusion later, we realize that Shiva (our conman) has been mistaken for Vikram Singh Rathore, an upright and courageous police officer.

Prabhudheva manages to blend the many ingredients that can spice-up this potpourri. However, too much time is spent on the back story. We would much rather see more of Rowdy Rathore than a long tragic flashback.

Akshay Kumar in a double role returns to the action genre after quite a while. He is definitely much better in this film than the over-the-top comic roles that he has been doing lately. There is ample display of the very voluptuous Sonakshi Sinha's curves. While she has little more to do than look good and gyrate to strong pelvic thrusts, she does justice to her role.

If you have a high threshold for mindless nonsense then you must go and watch this movie. Its Akshay Kumar's 'Dabangg', may be not as much fun but definitely watchable.

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