Yahoo! Movies Review: Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

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Cast: Dharmedra, Sunny, Bobby, Neha Sharma, Kristina Akheeva

Director: Sangeeth Sivan

Rating: **

Sangeeth Sivan’s ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’ is organized chaos.  It’s like a montage of gags put together, there is nothing offensive about the humour but it isn’t smart either.

What makes it really difficult to review; is that the film’s plot trajectory is completely undefined. The narrative doesn’t follow any rationale but is it a fun watch? Well, there are some moments that evoke genuine laughter but some gags are so silly that you laugh at the inherent stupidity of the intended humour.

Dharmendra and Bobby are con men and there latest fraud involves Deol 3 falling in love with the business tycoon’s daughter, which will ensure a hassle-free residency in London and also inheritance to all his property. Though the first meeting between boy and girl, begins with a fight over Salman’s ‘Dabangg’ cut-out and ends in the mini-skirt clad heroine chasing our hero with a trishul in a marketplace in Benares, we waste no time in making amends and setting-up the scene for a Bollywood-style engagement in London.  However, there is a slight problem, there is a sincere, upright Deol 2 aka Sunny, who will not let them execute this well-planned deceit.

Once the premise has been established, the storyline is stretched over the next 155 minutes (it seemed even longer), to extensively exhibit Sunny’s fighting-skills, Bobby’s buffoonery and an ugly monkey’s antics. There are many more logic defying moments in the film - where post-interval a Sumo wrestler suddenly lands on a car and walks away after letting out a loud fart, every now and then Johnny Lever emerges in a new avatar (gangster, Chinese, Punjabi etc) to get his men beaten-up to a pulp by Sunny and not to forget, Anupam Kher with flowing golden hair looking to create the eighth and ninth wonder. And just when you think your ordeal is almost over, more inane humour follows.

Alas, garam Dharam can do little to salvage the sinking career of his two sons. The film remains watchable in bits and pieces for Dharmendra and Dharmendra only.

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