Ex-lovers but still friends

Movie Talkies

Salman — Katrina: Salman had a terrible track record with his earlier ex-girlfriends but he seems to be behaving more mature this time. Post their break-up, Salman and Katrina have appeared together on small screen and recent reports seem to suggest that the two will soon be doing a movie together.

Ranbir — Deepika: The Ranbir and Deepika split created a lot of buzz but all that seems to be a thing of the past now. Both of them have said that they have no issues working with each other again. So while the relationship might have broken hearts, their professional equation remains the same.

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Preity — Ness: While the post break-up phase was kind of awkward between Preity and Ness Wadia, IPL 4 seems to have brought them close again. The ex-lovers and current business partners have been spotted partying together and with mutual friends, they seemed quite comfortable with each other since this season began.

Bipasha — Dino: Bipasha and Dino even after their split have continued to remain friends over the years. Bips and Dino's relationship ended when she paired up with John for 'Jism' and the both struck awesome chemistry.

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Abhishek — Rani: There was never a confirmation on their relationship status but the two shared awesome onscreen chemistry and rumours seem to suggest that their personal equation too was great. Despite being such good friends, Rani wasn't invited to the Abhi-Ash wedding and that was quite a surprise but recent reports seem to suggest that the two are open to working with each other again.

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