Kareena’s Wardrobe Malfunction- Worth a Story?

Rummana Ahmed
Movie Talkies

A slideshow on Kareena's wardrobe malfunction (if you can really call it that) — is it actually worth a news story? Given that it's a Bollywood scoop, it's trivialization like this that gives journalism a bad name.

Since the twenty-hour news channels became the primary source of news propagation, it has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism. When Peepli [Live] took potshots at the media, everyone including journalists nodded in unison. Some in the media also said that Peepli left them feeling exposed and vulnerable.

While I too had a hearty laugh watching Kumar Deepak's live reporting on the big screen, at the risk of being called the devil's advocate, I do feel that the media gets a raw deal very often. Whether it is sting operations on corrupt politicians or riot reportage, journalists are blamed for being insensitive, even provocative. Like Rajdeep Sardesai once said, "Bottom line: if you can't shoot the message, at least make sure you shoot the messenger."

Media activism has brought about a sense of accountability. The so-called media trials ensured that justice was done in the Jessica LalNitish Katara and Priyadarshini Mattoo cases. The Ruchika case is yet another example where, had it not been for endless discussions on primetime television, Rathore would still have had the infamous smile pasted on his face.

I agree the media is flawed; time and again, sensational and trivial news make headlines. What's the justification? The market demands it, we need stories that will send the TRPs and CTRs soaring. Nondescript people like Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan have become household names. Their claim to fame is a cheap publicity gimmick or a media tamasha that they manage to pull off every now and then.

The market is defined by the audience. Who is to blame, then? The media that claims to be catering to the viewers' demands? Or the viewers who lap up sensational spectacles and crave trivia?

As a viewer, are you more likely to watch Kareena's wardrobe malfunction or an in-depth story on farmer suicides?

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Leaving you with Kumar Deepak's take on Peepli [Live]…