Don’t Play Cupid, Stupid!

Rummana Ahmed

If you've watched "Aisha", irrespective of whether you liked the film or not, you would've taken one lesson home — to never play Cupid! While you might have the best intentions, here are some reasons why matchmaking is not a good idea:

First and foremost, why exactly are you trying to match-fix? While you might be feeling smug about your "in a relationship" or "married" relationship status, some people are happy being single. Just because you think they'll be happier hooked up doesn't mean they do. Respect their decision to remain single.

Given that there are some people who do need a little help where matters of the heart are concerned, let them find their partners on their own rather than pursue them to hook up with someone you think is right.

No matter how well-intentioned your initiatives are, there's always a chance that you might bring two totally mismatched people together. Chances are, since you are trying to influence them to decide on your "chosen one", you might unintentionally manipulate their choice regarding someone else.

Despite all the efforts you make, if things don't work out the way you thought they would, you'll end up bearing the brunt. All your well-meaning interventions will be looked upon as interference and you will be at the receiving end of all the resentment they feel towards each other.

Even if things work out, you'll always be the scapegoat when something goes wrong. What you are essentially doing is signing up for a lifetime of mediation whenever they have problems.

If you still want to be a matchmaker, don't tell me that I didn't warn you. Share your views with us. You can also connect with me on Twitter.