Vacation like James Bond with uber-cool travel gadgets

Bijoy Venugopal

Now you, too, can vacation like James Bond. Travel gadgets have brought the future so close it’s incredible to imagine how much closer it can get.

Hi-tech skiing goggles are already informing skiers about their speed, elevation and distance. SmartSkiGoggles by mobile technology company Evolaris offers a little more, adding details of weather and ski resorts, especially information indispensable to skiers like the waiting time in front of ski lifts.

There’s more. Everything you have experienced in a video game might actually be the next travel experience. Wearing a headset very like the ones you wear while gaming, you can experience and virtually visit your next travel destination. Splash on the beach, sit on the hotel bed, maybe even check out the receptionist. And then decide whether you really want to make the trip. Cool, huh?

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All this technology and more were exhibited at ITB Berlin 2014, the world’s largest travel trade show at the Messe Berlin Convention Centre from March 5 to 9. One trend-watcher astutely observed that the Internet is exploding out of computers and into the real world.

And if you want to vacation like 007, just a word of advice: Unlike James Bond, you only live once.

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