Nature's Basket launches Healthy Alternatives

Who Knew?

Godrej Nature’s Basket launched a new health section, ‘Healthy Alternatives’ earlier this week at their flagship store in Bandra. Offering a range of health foods that are heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly and immunity-boosting, Nature’s Basket teamed up with renowned nutritionist, Dr. Anjali Mukerjee for the launch. Speaking on the theme of ‘You are what you eat,’ Dr. Mukherjee shared her insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s zippy daily routines. We seized the opportunity to chat with her and share some of her earthy good sense and wisdom with our readers.

“We at Health Total, in partnership with GNB, are very proud of the people who make concerted efforts to be healthy in a degenerating urban environment. GNB is bringing them a range of health foods that help fight disease, foods to detox, plan weight management, and much more. This range of functional foods (that is, foods with healthy properties) will be available at the Healthy Alternatives section at Nature’s Basket.”

The Heart Healthy range includes silken tofu, wheatgrass powder and red salmon. Dr. Mukherjee recommends the wheatgrass for its cleansing properties that help detox the system. Its high mineral content has healing properties that are used to treat patients fighting cancer, to boost their immunity levels. Salmon, with its high Omega 3 content, provides essential healthy fats to the body, and is an anti-inflammatory that helps control BP and cholesterol.

The Diabetic Friendly range offers fenugreek powder and instant oatmeal, among others. Fenugreek (or methi) is beneficial for diabetics in that it helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Its high fibre content helps stabilize the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients, as does oatmeal. She recommends a bowl of oatmeal porridge for breakfast, or consumed in roti form.

Aren’t diabetic diets rather boring and dry? How can we spice it up for them? Dr Mukherjee clarifies that diabetics just have to watch their grain intake. While maida is a strict no-no, rotis made from jawar, bajra or raagi are ideal. Meanwhile, sabzis and dals can offer the same masalas as served to the rest of the family. Her advice is no more than 3 teaspoons of oil per day, per person – in every household. “Switch over to healthier oils like rice bran oil, til oil or olive oil which have high MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty-acids) content and a high smoke point.”

Does she recommend a fitness regime to accompany these Healthy Alternatives? “Most definitely. All children should play games, and adults should take up racquet sport, walk, jog, or swim on a regular basis. 30-40 minutes of exercise is essential, irrespective of age. It helps burn calories and keeps your metabolism up. Like the old saying goes – if you don’t use it, you lose it. Your body needs to be kept in good form, and exercise is an essential part of good health.”

And her personal health mantras for 2013? “That would be to eat right for my body type. If you eat according to your constitution, match the food you consume to your body type, it’s the one critical step to staying healthy.”

Also present at the launch was Bollywood celebrity Karishma Kapoor, who chatted with the guests about her fitness regime, diet mantra and the need to practice healthy living with children. “Being healthy is an aspect of life that almost everyone has realized requires most importance. With the availability of a wide range of health foods now at Godrej Nature’s Basket it becomes much easier for us to keep ourselves fit and practice the same with our kids as well. I am sure to drop in here more often now”

Mr. Mohit Khattar, MD of Godrej Nature’s Basket added, “The launch of this section is part of our continuous focus on renovation and Innovation for the brand. We believe in providing our customers the best the gournmet industry has on offer and the ‘Healthy Alternatives’ section is a perfect way to ensure that our customers are not just happier but healthier.”