How long is it okay to be chubby?

Who Knew?

Maria Kang, mother of 3, is trim, fit and gorgeous. Her fantastic body didn't come easy, though. She works out for an hour everyday, combining strength training and cardio to achieve those enviable abs. Her recent post on Facebook, a photograph with her three squish-worthy babies, and her super-toned body, captioned 'What's your Excuse?' gained her a lot of negative attention across the internet. She has been accused of fat-shaming and bullying overweight mothers who struggle with their weight and juggle heavy schedules that don't allow them the time to work out.

Closer home, Ash and her post-pregnancy baby weight made headlines for the longest time. Ash maintained that she was in no hurry to lose the weight and handled critical headlines with calm composure. (Good for you, Ash!)

We at Yahoo support healthy lifestyles and fitness all the way. But we also understand how demanding a new mother's life can be. Listening to your body's needs always come first. And if you need to slow it down, then take your time shedding the baby weight and slow it down!

So tell us what you think: Is Maria Kang an inspiration or a bully? Is it important for new mothers to rush back to their pre-baby bodies, or should their families and society be supportive and encourage them to get fit at their own pace?