Blurred Lips Trend Is On The Rise! Here’s How To Get It In 5 Easy Steps

Monika Khajuria
·2-min read

Change is not always bad, especially when it makes your glam up process easier. It feels so long now that we have had a great lip trend. But, there is good news! We have a lip trend of the rise, guys. Hurray! We are talking about the blurred lips trend that might have already flooded your Instagram feed.

Perfectly outlined lips have been a major part of our make-up. So much so that we have obsessed over the flawless lipstick that is perfectly outlined and gives insane definition to your lips. Arghh. It can be so stressful. The rushed morning can be a pain with us trying to perfect our eyeliner and lips. Not anymore!

Inspired by the K-beauty trend of popsicle lips, blurred lips trend has become the favourite of many. Not sure what this trend is? Well, this is about smudging the edges of your lips instead of keeping it sharp and defined. This gives a soft and subtle touch to your look.

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If you are excited about this trend and want to recreate it, we have good news! It is super easy to achieve this look and you can wear it with any look, western or ethnic. So, let's see how you can achieve this look.

How To Create The Blurred Lips Trend

Step 1: Start with a good lip scrub. To get that popsicle tint look, you need your plump, soft and hydrated lips. To get rid of the chapped and flaky lips, scrub your lips with a hydrating formula for about 3-5 minutes.

Step 2: Line your lips with a nude lip liner. You can be liberal with this step. Don't feel shy to outline your lips a bit.

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Step 3: Next, apply a nude lipstick that matches your lip liner all over your lips. Press your lips together for a second. Now, use a Q-tip or a lip brush to smudge the edges of your lips to get a natural lip line. This step aims to remove any line between your lips and skin.

Step 4: Take a darker lipstick of your choice. Apply it on the inside part of your lips. Make sure that you leave the nude colour on the outer part of your lips.

Step 5: Using your fingertips, smudge the darker lipstick to blend it with the nude shade and complete your blurred lips look.

And you are done! Wasn't this just so easy? So, what are waiting for? Try this out and let us know in the comment section below how it turned out.

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