Boca Recovery Center’s Christopher Ferry on overcoming addiction & staying sober

Our choices and habits shape our lives as well as our future. Sometimes people tend to grow accustomed to habits that are detrimental to their health and well-being and can also affect those around them. Those who stray down the path of addiction find themselves isolated and helpless. Christopher Ferry, a man who faced his demons and prevailed, has made it his sole purpose to come to the aid of others by helping them to overcome addiction and choose sobriety.

Ferry is well acquainted with the side effects of addiction, having to drop out of college because of his own. Christopher eventually mustered the strength to rebuild his life and succeeded. He then chose to dedicate his time to providing support to those who face similar challenges. Fighting addiction boils down to having an iron will and a positive mind-set. Christopher realized the importance of reaching out to such people so that they may know that they aren’t alone. It can be a source of strength to know that you have someone to depend on. Christopher elaborated further, “Overcoming addiction is a gradual process, and it makes a world of difference if we can be there for someone else and help them choose the right path. A path towards self-betterment, new opportunities, and a better life. It all starts with choosing sobriety, and the rest shall follow.”

To make his vision a reality, Christopher became a certified national master interventionist (National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionist) and opened his substance abuse treatment facility, called Boca Recovery Center. BOCA has helped thousands of people face drug addiction and other mental health issues; it has become one of the best-known addiction treatment centers in the country. Christopher was constantly looking for ways to reach out to more and more people and provide them with much-needed assistance. To further his endeavor, he founded a Facebook group called Clean and Sober – Addiction Recovery Support Group, which has more than 65,000 members, making it one of the biggest recovery support groups on the internet. Christopher explained how the group helps, “The whole point is to help create a platform where people facing similar problems can share their experiences and support each other. I think it’s one of the best ways to fight addiction and help people recover.”

Today Christopher Ferry is a successful entrepreneur, social media personality, and content creator. Christopher has used his knowledge and experience in digital marketing to leverage social media for spreading awareness and encouraging addiction recovery to people across the globe.

Christopher has been featured on Forbes, Buzzfeed and, Entrepreneur, with an appearance in the Wall Street Journal in the pipeline. He is truly grateful that he can help millions of people through the power of the digital world.

Christopher Ferry chose to help people face the challenges that he once struggled against. Today, he has been able to make a difference through the growth and success of BOCA. Christopher firmly believes that the only addiction one should have is an addiction to the habit of improving oneself.