How to be a body-positive bride

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The pressure to lose weight is universal, but brides-to-be are almost coerced to look a certain way, on what is purportedly their 'big day'. (Designed by Rajan Sharma)

Feeling the jitters before D-day is pretty common for brides-to-be. It's a lot of pressure to find the right venue, pick an affordable photographer, get the menu right and, of course, shop for the most stunning wedding trousseau.

With weddings being such extravagant affairs today, you need more than one perfect outfit, which is next to impossible. And if you're a plus size, that may seem a challenge too. But pulling yourself down due to lack of self-confidence won't help. The pressure to lose weight is universal, but to-be brides are almost coerced to look a certain way because that's what the cliche looks like.

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If you are a plus-size bride, the disappointment is real. Even as more plus-size options are available for western wear, the ethnic wear market is yet to catch on, unless you are getting it custom-made. There is no better way to celebrate being a bride than feeling good enough just the way you are. With this positive note, let's jump into all the possible ways you can keep yourself body-positive and feel amazing about your appearance.

* Acknowledging your body type and accepting it is the first step to empowerment. Choose the best silhouette for your body and the one you feel comfortable in.

* Surround yourself with positive people who shower you with unconditional love and make you feel priceless no matter how you look. These can be your close relatives or best-friends. Talk to them if you are feeling any insecurity and banish all doubts.

* Pick a dress in the size you wear today and not something you think you’ll fit into on the wedding date. Don't subject yourself to unrealistic goals that create undue pressure.

* If you want to lose weight indulge in some kind of physical activity. Getting into a crash diet is just another way of saying that you don’t like your current self.

* Shop along with your mother, sisters, cousins or BFFs, basically someone who won't judge you during the whole trial process.