Here is what Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone reveals about the sequel of movie Piku!

Maithili Shinde
·1-min read

During an interview with Rajeev Masand and director Shoojit Sircar on Audible Suno show picture ke picche.

Deepika Padukone reveals how the sequel of the movie might look like along with her memories of the movie.

“To me Piku is never one of those girls who would commit and settle down in her life. In the sequel I don’t see her happily married and settled!”

Deepika during the interview hints to her audience about the sequel of Piku. Though at the same time she also highlighted how she imagines the character to be. While she doesn’t see Piku settling down and getting married, from her perspective, Piku will always see her father in her…the irritability, wanting to control everything and her issue with men!

“I think characters are just…You become that person. A lot of Piku was that.While shooting for the movie, I felt all of it correct and honest”

Deepika highlights how Piku was already a great film on paper. Defining the beauty of a relationship between a father and daughter in a palatable manner was a great way to connect. Deepika also agrees how during the old age of parents, kids become the adults and how parents adopt the role of children!

“I remember we were in the middle of a highway shooting a scene. It was difficult as we had a very small window to shoot it.”

Deepika Padukone remembers how a scene on the highway was a difficult shot. While remembering about the same she mentions how controlling traffic and at the same time keeping in mind the adequate sunlight comes top on her mind!