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When Bollywood explored the many shades of love

When Bollywood explored the many shades of love

Our movies have always championed the hackneyed theme of romantic love, with physicality taking the centrestage, using myriad channels to narrate the age-old story of the protagonist ending up with the love of his/her life, against all odds. Those stories satiate the average human’s appetite for happy endings, who resorts to art to compensate for the elusive ideal in real life.

Nevertheless, we enjoy stories that explore the many other hues of love, the ones that have a more realistic take on life, the unexplored emotions that doesn’t constitute the extremes. Stories that harbour the likes of Ila and Saajan (The Lunchbox) as opposed to the idyllic Raj and Simran (DDLJ) or the desolate Devdas and Paro (Devdas).  

Because love isn’t always about walking hand in hand into the sunset or succumbing to the flames of passion. It can be many things — learning to let go with grace; not attaching the tag of forever to everything that brings happiness, or not killing the spontaneity with obligations.

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, we bring you some Bollywood films that offer an unconventional take on love. The ones that make you wonder about the could haves would haves and should haves, but not in a disheartening manner.

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