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Kal Ho Na Ho

The major hit from Karan Johar's banner did the biggest disservice to the LGBT movement, and it is only because it was released in 2003 and not now, that it could evade the much deserving backlash. Shanta Bai's shocked face, still eyes, and shaking with fear, every time she saw the two very straight characters, Aman and Rohit, together, sums up homophobia in its ugliest version.

Bollywood has been unfair in its depiction of the LGBT multiple times

Though it is one of the most advanced industries, Bollywood, with its movies, have also, perpetuated some of the greatest malpractices our society is faced with - mistreatment of and a judgmental approach toward the LGBT community being one among them.

The industry has been totally apathetic toward the community and can be accused for its tone-deaf depiction of the members of it.

If not the evil brothel owner of Sangharsh on a killing spree, the writers have adroitly sketched them as people of less worth, only deserving of side eye or a violent snub.