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Imran Khan Imran shot to fame with Jane Tu Ya Jane Na, but only headed for a string of flops and has no takers except his cha cha, Aamir Khan. His recent outing Katti Batti also bombed at the box office and very soon the actor vanished from the work scene.

Are these Bollywood stars jobless or on a break?

It’s not always that Bollywood celebrities are swamped with work. There are times these stars lay low too, with very little movies in their kitty.

The nature of the profession can make a star overnight, but it falls flat in no time, putting a shelf life on people. This is how fickle Bollywood is.

While there are stars in the industry who are working at the age of 50, there a few others who are already headed to oblivion.

Here’s a look at actors who are playing it low, not out of choice but due to lack of offers, especially after a string of duds or average grossers.

Image Credit: Movie Talkies