He tweeted 'Hindu terrorists': why he must be shown the mirror

Hussain Haidry, writer of Karan Johar’s forthcoming film ‘Takht, and a lyricist, goes on Twitter, tweeting this, and we have some something to say.  

Hussain Haidry

This tweet above is self-explanatory; you all know what it means. Impressive!

There are ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Hamas, Asbat Al-Ansar, Al-Mourabitoun, Islamic Jihad Union, Jamaat al Dawa al Quran, and a 100 more designated Islamist terrorist organizations, but the confidence with which Hussain Haidry calls Hindus ‘terrorists’ — quite impressive, no?

Countries that have been identified as sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and the Islamic republic of Pakistan enjoy worldwide notoriety of being safe haven for terrorists, but — according to this guy — it is the Hindus who are terrorists. Amazing!

Do we applaud this confidence? Because, I have been told, Hindus are not supposed to be offended: we are just supposed to wear that ‘secularism’ band on our sleeve all the time, right?

I tried hard to recollect, but don’t remember the last time a Hindu flew his plane into a giant tower, rammed vans into markets preparing for Christmas, ran with a knife, killing people on the London Bridge, or fired at a crowd of people praying peacefully at a Church or enjoying a drink at a bar. Hindus are present across geographies, but no nation turned into the rape capital of modern world after taking in Hindu refugees.

Thing is every valid point I make in this piece will be met with one word: Islamophobia. You are forbidden from discussing the real issues because every rude, brutal fact is hushed down with one word: Islamophobia. “Oh my God! Did you just say that those who bombed Ariana Grande’s concert were from one community? You suffer from Islamophobia. Don’t you know terrorism has no religion?” This has kept everyone silent, while a rabid Hindu-hater like Hussain Haidry, promised impunity from the secular camp, goes on typing ‘Hindu terrorists….’.

Trevor Phillips, former head of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission, who had coined the word ‘Islamophobia’ to silence all criticism of Islam, admits after decades: “For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape. I should have known better.”

He acknowledges that the sexual grooming and rape scandals that has plagued Britain (which are often been attributed to Asian men by liberal media) are not by ‘Asian’ men alone.

Last week, Farah Khan revealed how she made a conscious attempt at not giving the bad guy in Main Hoon Na a Muslim name. Her villain was named Raghavan. Anyway, her deliberation wasn’t very different from the act of sending Ajmal Kasab as a Kalava-wearing Samir Chaudhury to kill Indians by Lashkar-e-Taiba. Even the LeT made a conscious effort of not giving their man a Muslim name.

Hindus, by nature, are calm and secular and have never taken these obnoxiousness to their heart. While music maestro A R Rahman got slapped by a fatwa for composing music for Muhammad: The Messenger of God, we have laughed our guts out seeing Aamir Khan chase ‘Lord Shiva’ like a cat chases a puny mouse in PK. This calm of the Hindus has been horribly mistaken as the absence of valour by the likes of Farah Khan. They have played with Hindu emotions crossing one limit at a time, and here we are, standing quietly by, looking at a Hussain Haidry calling Hindus ‘terrorists’.

Over 5 lakh displaced Kashmiri Pandits were looted, raped, chased out of their homes and have seen their dear ones being slaughtered by radical Islamists who were ostensibly friends and neighbours. They too could have reached for the gun, but unlike Adil Ahmad Dar, who rammed his explosives-laden van into an Army convoy after being disciplined by the Army, the Hindus persecuted by Islamists, have awaited justice patiently.

Had Hindus been terrorists, they wouldn’t have waited for 5 centuries to get the Ram Mandir built in Ayodhya. Had Hindus been terrorists, instead of decorating him with the Padma Bhushan, M F Hussain would have been hounded no end. Had Hindus been terrorists, anyone who suggested that all upper caste Hindus be beaten would have been smashed to pulp.

Had Hindus been terrorist, Hussain Haidry wouldn’t have found the intestinal fortitude to type those words repeatedly on Twitter.

Now, he has deleted the tweet and also deactivated his account. So much for courage of conviction.

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