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1. Gunboat in Muqabla (1942)

When you are Fearless Nadia's dog, would you be anything short of awesome? Gunboat, the fantastically named German Shepherd had a prominent presence in the whip-cracking superstar's Bambaiwali (1941) and Muqabla (1942). In Muqabla, possibly Hindi cinema's first lost and found story, Nadia plays twin sisters – the fiery Madhuri and the footloose Rani – and Gunboat plays Madhuri's trusted companion. He is the perfect sidekick during the action sequences, keeping a watchful eye on Madhuri and following her commands to the T. During a fight, he even snatches the revolver from Madhuri's assailant and chases him off. Moreover, good boy Gunboat is health conscious and disapproves of smoking. How pawsome is that!

International Dog Day: Meet the Most Heroic Dogs of Bollywood

Gentle and gallant, intelligent and inspiring, faithful and feisty; our films have portrayed dogs as so many things and then some – just as the wonderful creatures they are. This International Dog Day, let's celebrate our canine friends by remembering some of their greatest Bollywood roles.