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2. Moti in Paisa Ya Pyar (1969)

In this family drama, a wealthy young woman, Shanti (Mala Sinha) falls in love with Shekhar (Biswajeet), a man of modest background much to the chagrin of her haughty, class-conscious mother Lakshmi Devi (Shashikala). Like every Sixties melodrama rife with relationship tussles, deceptions, and misunderstandings, the tension in Paisa Ya Pyar hits the peak when Lakshmi Devi's conniving manager tries to kill Shekhar. Shekhar's faithful dog Moti sees him adding poison to Shekhar's milk and runs along to warn his master. Unable to get his humans' attention, Moti (bless his noble heart) spills the milk and drinks it to alert them about the nefarious plan. He is rushed to the vet and saved just in time. But Moti's emotionally stunted humans spend not one moment worrying about the precarious condition their dear dog got into. The poor boy doesn't even get any hugs or head pats. Shekhar is busy pacifying an aggrieved Shanti who thinks it was Lakshmi who tried to poison her husband. Self-absorbed much? Starting a petition to find Moti better humans.

International Dog Day: Meet the Most Heroic Dogs of Bollywood

Gentle and gallant, intelligent and inspiring, faithful and feisty; our films have portrayed dogs as so many things and then some – just as the wonderful creatures they are. This International Dog Day, let's celebrate our canine friends by remembering some of their greatest Bollywood roles.