Boney Kapoor Turns Actor At 65: Says ‘It Was A Conscious Decision’ To Stay Away From Acting All These Years -EXCLUSIVE

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What’s with the acting bug biting Boney Kapoor at 65?! I always knew there was an actor hiding inside Boney. Having known Boney very well I must say I’m very surprised by his new career decision. I’ve joked about this with Boney in the past, and he always maintained that he had no interest in acting. During my last conversation with Boney on this issue he had said, “It was always a conscious decision to stay away from acting. My two brothers were actors. Someone had to look after their career.”

What changed Boney’s mind at this juncture of his life? Ever since the mythical Sridevi left for another world Boney has been a bit lost, and quite lonely. His daughters have their own life and one of them Jahnvi is a full-fledged actor. As a producer he is not as active these days as he was before. But then, who is?

Given the long stretches of free time it is but natural that the mind seeks diversions. Hence to no one’s surprise Boney is now moving from the back to the front of the camera. We saw him playing himelf in Vikramaditya Motwane’s AK Vs AK. Now he will play Dimple Kapadia’s husband. Dimple and Boney have known each other from the time of Raj Kapoor decided to launch her in Bobby in 1973.

What makes a human being choose a completely different vocation so late in his career? Is it a belated urge to be adventurous? When Prakash Jha turned actor after 60 he told me he was very serious about pursuing acting. In his Jai Gangaajal Prakash played the main antagonist opposite Priyanka Chopra. He actually had more footage than she did! And when she couldn’t come to India to promote the film Prakash did it on his own. Now Prakash plays the protagonist in another film Matti Ki Saikal . This time he can actually act.

I wonder what Sridevi would have to say about Dimple Kapadia playing Mrs Boney Kapoor on screen! Knowing her I am sure she would have put Boney on a crash diet. Boney should get set to take home all the best newcomer awards at the end of the year. The award that his daughter took home just two years ago. To this Boney’s reaction: “I am sure I will win if you are in the jury.”

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