Book Review: There’s always one more...

Sixteen years and several releases later, best-selling author Cecelia Ahern weaves her magic once again as she brings P.S. I Love You back to life with this sequel.

Even if it has been years since you leafed through the book or watched the movie, a few pages into Postscript will land you right where the author would like you to be – in the centre of Holly’s life, after Gerry.

Holly seemed to be moving along with her life just fine up until she agreed to share with the world her story about the letters her terminally-ill husband left for her to find once he was gone.

This sentiment warmed the hearts of people who were in the same place as Gerry and wanted to leave behind something for their loved ones, thus forming the P.S. I Love You Club.

Before she knows it, Holly gets sucked into the lives of these people, pouring out her heart, time and effort to make their departing a slightly less troubling affair for their loved ones.

In the bargain, however, she loses sight of the things that are most important to her, i.e, her relationship with boyfriend, Gabriel, family time and her own personal life. However, being part of this club brought back to life Gerry’s ghost, and she’s more than pleased about it.

While trying to help everyone else, Holly realises that she’s learning so much herself, and her perspective towards life, love and loss gradually changes.

Cecelia has woven the narratives of the characters so beautifully that the reader can’t help but feel like you’re present right there in the room, being part of whatever they wish to leave behind for their loved ones.

Postscript is sure to get your emotions stirring and your eyes welled up from time to time. The magic in her words is simply hard to resist and although it may send you down the rabbit hole of sadness, the tale has a rather sweet ending. Brimming with hope in the midst of love and loss, Postscript is an ideal read if you’re looking for a story that will fill your heart.

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