Book Review: Inspiring lessons from the classic

What a wonderful way to close the year reading a book that was hidden in the plain sight for so many years. I'm talking about the classic Ramayana. The sacred text, for many of us, may appear dense and impenetrable in its original form.

However, if you find a book that draws out lessons and present them in a very engaging and practical way, I’m sure it makes it that much more relevant and reading pleasure.

Radiate Confidence is the fifth book in the series titled Ramayana, the Game of Life by Shubha Vilas. The book is a spiritual and celestial joy ride. The narration is visually intense, vivid and rich and will immerse you in a sensorial reading experience. Right from the word go the book is unputdownable.

The main protagonist of the book is lord Hanuman, his mission to travel to Lanka and rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana. This single event in Ramayana itself has such a wealth of wisdom and values to teach us. One would emerge energised and transformed after reading this uplifting book and ask for more. The author has made Ramayana's treasure accessible and relevant to a wider audience.

Life gives you one chance to become a hero — much like for Lord Hanuman. Hanuman's initial self-doubt, defeatist thoughts regarding the mission at hand. His trepidation on the magnitude of the operation and charting unknown territory makes it all look easily humane and relatable.

The book is a glorious tribute to lord Hanuman and highlights his inner struggles and how he overcame it. In the process, not only does he recognise that this chance was bestowed to him but also put in his best efforts toward not allowing negativity to demoralise him and succumb to temptation and unwaveringly maintain a laser focus on achieving the end goal. The world worships Hanuman due to what he did on this one night of rescue mission.

The book has quite a few charming features. The page design carries a tiny hanuman image at the bottom traversing with the reader in a playful way to indicate how far you have come reading through the book, just like a car odometer. Secondly, all pages carry a footer with extracts of the wisdom of that page in a crisp quotable quotes format.

Sample these: Engagement is the antidote to worry; Idleness is the free password to connect to the worry network; Enthusiasm is the chemical that keeps the milk of life from turning sour; a problem understood is a problem solved, etc.

The book offers valuable life lessons and spiritual perspective engagingly and simply. The book will instil patience, courage and confidence and help you come out victorious, much like Hanuman in Ramayana. A must-read book.