Book Review: Just out

Book: Business on a Platter

In this book, Anoothi Vishal dives deep into the complex business of restaurants. Building on her observations of the sector over two decades, she analyses stories of survival, failure and turnarounds, while also tracing the history of food retail from Mughal India to the newest brands pushing the envelope.

Book: Mahal

In every citadel of the Mughal Empire, there existed a luxurious fortress that housed the women of the court. Known as the ‘Mahal’, this closely-guarded space that few men could enter has intrigued the world for centuries. This book introduces us to the queens and princesses who ran estates and oversaw fleets of vessels, among others.

Book: Suncatcher

Ceylon is on the brink of change. School is closed, the government is in disarray, the press is under threat and the religious right are flexing their muscles. Kairo’s mother blows off steam at her cha-cha-cha classes; his father grumbles over the state of the nation. All Kairo wants to do is flick over second-hand comics. Then he meets the Jay, and his whole world changed.

Book: The Gita

The miniature paintings of the Gita by Allah Baksh, published in this volume for the first time, are from the late 17th century Mewar. Commissioned by Udaipur’s Maharana Jai Singh, these paintings of the Gita are part of an illustrated Mahabharata Folio of more than 4000 works.