Book Review: Just out

Book: A Marketplace for Murder

Author: Debleena Majumdar

Publisher: Vishwakarma

Is murder of human body the only kind of murder? What about murder of a dream? Or, murder of identity? This book explores these questions through the unravelling of a web of lies, to bring crime very close home for Leena. The alternating first person voice of the unknown killer and third person narrative takes the story across a modern-day Bangalore.

Book: Whisper in the Mind

Author: Venita Coelho

Publisher: Tranquebar

Locked away in a decrepit mansion, struggling to write as the monsoon rains down, the wind brings to Jamshed Fali Irani the cries of a little girl wandering the ruins nearby.

Alice is trying to find her sister, Sara, who went missing years before. With his new friend, Tania, to whom he is increasingly drawn, Jamshed attempts to unravel the mystery behind Sara’s disappearance.

Book: A Gift of Grace: The Essence of Guru Nanak's Spirituality

Author: Daler Aashna Deol

Publisher: Niyogi Books

Guru Nanak spiritual beliefs and practices, based on his direct experience of God, were profoundly transformational. His monotheism, coupled with his emphasis on the pursuit of divinity while living the life of an ordinary householder, was a departure from prevailing beliefs.

Book: Asoka Trilogy Book III: Nemesis of Kalinga

Author: Shreyas Bhave

Publisher: Leadstart

Five years have passed since the end of the Mauryan Civil War. Samrat Asoka rules the Indian sub-continent from his capital, Patliputra.

In Book III of the epic Asoka Trilogy lies the answer to the great question: Who will be remembered as the greatest Samrat of the land of the Aryas?