Book Review: Just out

DCP Rita Ferreira is called into the investigation after a third corpse is discovered in Mumbai, which confirms it is the work of the same killer who paints his victims lips with dark red lipstick.

The Lipstick Killer, like all serial killers, is fast decompensating — time interval between the murders shortening, victims shifting from hookers to high-heeled wives.

Book: Lipstick

Author: Vish Dhamija

Publisher: Harper

In his first work of non-fiction, the creator of the multimillion-selling Jack Reacher series explores the endurance of heroes from Achilles to bond, showing us how this age-old myth is a fundamental part of what makes us human. He demonstrates how hero stories continue to shape our world – arguing that we need them now more than ever.

Book: The Hero

Author: Lee Child

Publisher: TLS Books

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is one of the most celebrated stage productions of the past decade. With stunning photography, insightful interviews and never-before-seen sketches, notes, candid backstage photos and more, this full-colour deluxe edition offers readers unparalleled access to this unique production.

Book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey

Publisher: Little Brown

Stories never end at a full stop, they continue after the semicolon; this is what this book is all about. A story has a protagonist and many other characters passing by but each character has its own story to be unfolded. It is a story of Meera, Padmaja and Nisha; their lives cross paths in ‘Thirteen Cactuses’.

Book: Thirteen Cactuses

Author: Charu Gupta

Publisher: BlueRose Publishers

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