Book Review: Mad about thrillers!

Late reader

I’d say college, because in school my routine would just be school then back home and tuitions...I didn't really get time to read anything other than our textbooks!

Thrilling ride

My favourite book would be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because it’s a story of a Shepard and his journey and it leaves a very good message which is, “That if you dare to dream something, it’s your responsibility to go and achieve it.”

My favourite genre in books would be thriller. Paula Hawkins is my favourite author and The Girl on the Train is one of my favourite books. I think she writes crazy thrillers and once you start reading them you just get lost in them. I think I can finish her books in just three days.

Reading whenever I can

I try to read whenever I get time...early morning after I wake up or before going to bed. Before sleeping, I generally like to read something light. I don’t read too many books in a month and I focus on finishing one book a month.

Recommendations galore

I pick up most of my book while travelling. I pick up whatever I find interesting, but mostly it's thrillers and if not thrillers then non-fiction — The Power of Now being one of them.

Love the feel of pages

I prefer physical books...the feel of the book, the paper and the smell is really amazing.

Currently reading

The Dalai Lama’s Cat. It’s very cute.

Laugh out loud moments

I really liked Karan Johar’s autobiography, The Unsuitable Boy. It was so funny and I was laughing while reading some of the stuff.

Book adaptations I loved

I really liked 2 States...I had liked the book (The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat) as well.

Three books I would choose

The Alchemist I think when you read it, you feel nice about it. Second, would be The Power of Now, because it talks about how important it is to have a positive state of mind. Third, The Girl on the Train because thriller is my favourite genre when it comes to books.

Books I recommend

I would recommend The Alchemist, The Girl on the Train, Secret, The Power of Now and The Unsuitable Boy.