Book Review: Useful guide for all ages

The title Balance your emotions and be your own coach sounded like a one more of the same self-help books. We read often that you should seek the help of external coaches when in need.

And here comes a book that differs and nudges you to be your own coach! I got curious to see where does the book lead to? It is perhaps the slimmest book I have ever read. All of 81 pages. It encourages readers to take control of ones own emotion and how? Easier said than done, isn’t it?

I’m a great believer in energy. It attracts you and can also harm you. “The exchange of energy” with each other is like an arrow that leaves a bow. Therefore, all the more reason one is extremely self-aware and careful while expressing one’s emotions. You yield best results when emotions are in a balanced state.

So, what plays a key role in shaping these emotions? It is our mind maps. According to the author, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools and techniques can help modify our mind maps to bring about a positive outcome and overcome challenges.

Every emotion be it positive or negative when in “excess” of desirable levels, is dangerous. Negative emotions are also important in human life, the author says. As both contribute to promoting balance and relational harmony.

The book begins by offering quick tips on how to fall in love with yourself. How to handle the loss of faith? How to be more expressive? How to balance the situation?

The bulleted tips given in each chapter can easily be deployed in our daily lives and are universally applicable. A handful of pre-suppositions cited in the book comes handy in tactfully dealing with the situation's life throws at us.

For instance, what if you start with a pre-supposition and approach life by saying, “Every problem has a solution.” It can lead to a creative solution and even make it easy and less stressful for you to overcome the situation. The book emphasises training the mind daily to sustain vibrancy and positivity in our lives.

The author Pratibha Tiwari is a certified NLP master practitioner. Naturally, she borrows heavily from field of NLP tools and techniques in offering the solutions. Surprisingly, the given tips are easy to remember, straightforward and practical. The book is a good self-help book for all ages and rages.

There are twelve chapters and each deal with a particular emotion and offers tips on how to deal with them. You can seek this book whenever you feel low or chips are down.