Boost for Fit India! Higher consumption of sports nutrition products in metro cities

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By Varun Khanna

Love to stay fit and healthy? Every morning when you drive by the iconic locations of Mumbai, you will see 100's and 1000's of people involved in some sort of physical activity. Be it running, cycling, or just a serious brisk walk.

The same can be seen across all major metros across the country. India is not only getting active but getting driven by activity. There is a need, an urge in the masses, to do more, Look better, feel better, feel fitter and lead a healthy life.

Athleisure is the new normal

The last decade saw a growth of nearly 30% CAGR over the last four years, in the sports apparel industry. Consumers wanted to look a certain way, perform a certain way , and athleisure became the new normal even if the wearer wasn't actually a sports user. It just makes everyone feel active and feel like an athlete. The 20's are going to be more about what now goes on within. The past 2-3 years have seen a sudden spike in the nutritional and supplement offerings available to the nation.

With Innovative effervescent electrolytes to high quality amino acids, the average Indian has now got options beyond the basic "protein" and the "vitamins" which defined "nutrition" in India for the longest time. E-commerce has also opened up the avenues, products don't need to be imported through grey channels, but are available officially online.

Nutritional boost for urban India

Urban India has been given a nutritional boost and it is definitely running with it. This acceptance and rise in the category can be seen in the Industry numbers. Innovator brands have seen a four fold increase in revenues over the past few years.

While protein is still a large part of the nutritional business , alternative proteins and other supplements are gaining faster traction.

Sports nutrition is not only limited to people who are professional sports people, but like athleisure, nutrition is becoming a part of your average active Indian.  This story is only going to grow as the new decade is just setting in and awareness is rising, the high double digit CAGR will only continue with not only India , but Bharat becoming more and more active, aware and poised.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get active and don’t forget to fuel smart!

(The author is Co-Founder, Fast&Up. Views expressed are the author's own.)