Boost Your Overall Health with 5 Winter Herbs With Medicinal and Health Benefits

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We understand winter has its own challenges in terms of manifesting nature's abundance due to its characteristic dryness.

Having said that, what if we told you that winter can be the season of fruitfulness for you, if you know how to make proper use of the season's produce! Sounding absurd, right?

Well, do not let the suspicion get better of you; rather to reap the benefits of winter get hold of these herbs to enhance your meal quality.


Its bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal benefit boost brain health, digestive health, cardiovascular health, immunity; purifies blood. Just name the body part you want to heal and this natural herb shall do it. The curcumin present in turmeric is known to prevent inflammation, alleviate joint pains, keeps depression at bay due to its antioxidant-rich property. It is anti-carcinogenic too.


What a soothing aroma this herb exudes! Give your meals flavourful, healthy twist by garnishing freshly chopped parsley. You shall forever be grateful for having this herb in your kitchen for the absolutely, sweet fragrance and series of health benefits it possesses. Nature has endowed it with vitamin A, K, C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, thereby making this herb a must-have for your skin, controlling diabetes and chronic diseases.


Get yourselves soaked in its goodness by adding it in soups, curry, tea, or beverages. Brimming with antioxidants, this flavourful ginger is widely considered as a herbal medicine that cures cold, flu, nausea, aching joints. The gingerol compound in it possesses antipyretic, analgesic, sedative, antibacterial properties. Have ginger to remain warm and fit.


It is a unique herb which has been used as an alternative medicine since ancient times. The magical herb controls diabetes, cholesterol, inflammation, appetite, weight, heartburn, improves testosterone levels, breastmilk production. Have methi water, methi in curry, or sprouted methi- any form will work wonders for your health.


Yet another dynamic, fragrant herb that shall never cease to amaze you is mint. Be it your irritable bowel, indigestion, bad breath, cold, anxiety, fatigue- there is hardly anything that mint leaves cannot provide relief from. Chew it, drink its water, savour its paste as chutney, or inhale its aroma- whichever way you like, incorporate mint in your diet.

Apart from the aforementioned herbs, rosemary, thyme, coriander, tulsi, oregano, basil are some of the other beneficial herbs that shall equally help you stay at the pink of your health.

With these herbal remedies within your reach, winter can be lively and healthy; as you keep defeating the maladies that abound the season.

Make this winter a memorable one by making the most of these winter herbs, stay warm!