Boris Johnson appears to call Labour’s shadow cabinet 'silly communists'

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

Before the campaign for the forthcoming general election campaign even begun, Boris Johnson took to the despatch box to attack his Labour opponents.

As MPs prepared to vote for a December election, the Prime Minister launched an attack on Jeremy Corbyn, and took a sideswipe at the shadow cabinet in the process.

He said: “We believe in free markets and enterprises and in the wealth-creating sectors of this economy in a way that causes a shadow of Transylvanian horror to pass over the silly communist faces of the front bench opposite.”

The PM launched a blistering attack on the Labour front bench (PA)

The gloves are set to come off for all political parties once the campaign for the first December general election in nearly a century formally gets underway.

Mr Johnson has said he is prepared for a "tough" battle, while shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he thought Labour would win a majority.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson insisted the campaign was not a two-horse race between Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn, and that she was standing as a candidate to be prime minister.

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The Government's one-page Bill enabling the election to be held on December 12 will be considered by the House of Lords on Wednesday, but it is unlikely to be held up in the unelected upper chamber.

Once it receives the royal assent, it will pave the way for Parliament to be dissolved on November 6.

Mr Johnson has warned Tories to prepare for a 'tough' general election campaign (AP)

The parties are likely to formally kick off their campaigns from Thursday.

Mr Johnson - who marks 100 days in office on Thursday - is aiming to restore the Tories' Commons majority lost by Theresa May in 2017 so he can finally end three years of deadlock and get his Brexit deal through Parliament.

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