Boris Johnson 'is getting a Downing Street dog' (and Larry doesn't sound happy)

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Mr Johnson is getting a dog to join Larry the Cat at Downing Street (AP)

Boris Johnson is getting a dog to accompany him in Downing Street.

Reports suggest the new Prime Minister will look to recruit a faithful hound as he battles the challenges facing him as Britain’s new leader.

Mr Johnson also declared a truce had been found between rival Whitehall cats Larry and Foreign Office moggy Palmerston.

Boris chose his cabinet - now he's choosing a faithful hound (GETTY)

Larry the Cat, who was introduced to Number 10 by David Cameron, is a popular public figure, often seen relaxing as delegates and politicians are whisked into the building.

But his nemesis Palmerston, who arrived in 2016, is an aggressive and efficient mouse catcher.

But Larry does not seem happy, with the popular feline’s Twitter account saying: “HELL NO”.

In other news, Mr Johnson’s plan to recruit 20,000 more police officers will begin within weeks.


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The recruitment of extra law enforcement officers was one of Mr Johnson’s Tory leadership campaign promises.

He said of his plans “As I said on the steps of Downing Street this week, my job as Prime Minister is to make our streets safer.”

Larry the cat may have a new friend joining him in Downing Street (AP)

The drive will start in September, with a view to completing the task during the next three years.

Immediately after taking office on Wednesday, Mr Johnson
chose his Cabinet, brutally axing top MPs to make way for Brexiteers.