Tories see surge of support among men as Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister - but women aren't convinced

Boris Johnson has not been able to get as much support among women as he has men. (GETTY)

Boris Johnson has seen an increase in male support but women are not warming to the new Prime Minister as much, according to a YouGov poll.

Although the prime minister has a ten-point lead over Labour, with the Tories on 32% and Labour 22%, the opposition has accused him of having a “woman problem”.

Around 47% of respondents to the survey who were male said Mr Johnson would make a better Prime Minister than Jeremy Corbyn, but this fell to 37% among the women surveyed.

Mr Johnson received booing and jeering when he went to Edinburgh to visit Nicola Sturgeon. (GETTY)

Support for the Tories among men has increased from 23% to 35% since Mr Johnson became leader. However, among women it rose by only one point to 29%.

Support for the Labour Party among women has risen from 19 to 25 %, the shadow minister for voter engagement and youth Cat Smith has said: “We know Boris Johnson has a woman problem”.

Writing for The Times Red Box, Ms Smith said: “The Tory faithful knowingly elected a man who once wrote — in true Trump style — that the way to deal with advice from a female colleague was to ‘just pat her on the bottom and send her on her way’, suggested that the increase in the number of Malaysian women going to university was to ‘find men to marry’ and worsened the plight of a mother stuck in an Iranian prison.

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“We must stand against Boris Johnson and the misogyny he embodies.”

The new Prime Minister has been criticised for stopping the investigation into Mark Field for grabbing a female protester by the throat and forcibly removing her from a room.

According to a sample of 70,000 Guardian readers, women are more likely than men to view Mr Johnson as dishonest, xenophobic and politically calculating.

Although the Tories have a lead over Labour in the poll, Mr Johnson has been booed during his first trip in the role to Scotland.

Mr Johnson was in Edinburgh to meet the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon when he was booed and jeered.

The majority of people in Scotland voted to remain in the European Union and Ms Sturgeon has told Mr Johnson that there is no clarity on how he plays to reach an exit deal with the European Union.

When Theresa May replaced David Cameron as Prime Minister in 2016, she also received a surge in the polls and a ‘bounce’.

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