BOWO Creative – The Spirit Of Female Entrepreneurship For Boss Women By Boss Women

BOWO Creative - The Spirit Of Female Entrepreneurship For Boss Women
BOWO Creative - The Spirit Of Female Entrepreneurship For Boss Women


Your brand reflects the spirit of women empowerment and female entrepreneurship. Tell us in detail about what BOWO stands for.

BOWO stands for Boss Women. We are a digital marketing & social media management agency that is created by boss women and built for boss women. When I first thought of starting my own company, I asked myself two questions – What is my WHY? What kind of business should I build that would help me make an income while making an impact?

What inspired you to create this brand at first place? Go in detail and tell us how you created BOWO.

The answer to my questions always brought me back to women empowerment. I wanted to build a business that focuses on helping other female entrepreneurs succeed and provides them with the opportunity to claim the seats at the table. Growing up, I was always surrounded by strong women. Both of my grandmothers were extremely strong women. One raised 7 kids as a single mom during the toughest time in the history of Vietnam. My mom passed me the torch by inspiring me to always follow my dream and my dad always used to tell me, “There is nothing a man can do that you can’t.” And I took it to heart!

From Vietnam, I came to Canada as a student, all by myself, just when I was 16. I thought my plan was clear. I was going to graduate, get that corporate job and climb up the corporate ladder. Everything happened as planned except for the fact that I realized I wasn’t born for a 9-5. I decided to start my side hustle in e-commerce, blogging & network marketing. During the 5 years building these businesses, I met tons of women who are super talented and hard-working but they were overpaying and were overcharged for a lot of things in their business. Digital marketing tools were one of those. Technical aspects like SEO, algorithm, lead funnels, and social media could be very intimidating for a lot of women trying to build their own business.

From the experience and knowledge I have built as a blogger, influencers & digital marketer, I decided to launch my own business BOWO Creative to help solve this problem. BOWO Creative is built on the idea of helping female entrepreneurs to grow and scale by leveraging digital marketing & social media tools as well as providing workshops and events for women to connect, collaborate and celebrate success together. We run many successful workshops around Toronto and have attracted many female entrepreneurs in the city. It is a true blessing watching them grow and build many meaningful sisterhoods with one another. If you would like to join our community worldwide, you can look for us on Facebook under Boss Women Tribe.

What is your take on women empowerment?

I believe that empowered women empower other women. I am lucky enough to not only grow up in a family full of strong women but also to continuously be guided and mentored by some of the most amazing & inspiring women out there who truly taught me that women empowerment is all about paying it forward. I think that the only way for women to win is to win together. There is really enough room for all of us women at the top. We can truly make mountains move if we realize the power that we have. It puts a smile on my face every day to read or see other women’s success.


Would you like to tell us about any current ongoing projects you are working on?

I am actually in the process to launch an app! As you can guess, the app is designed for women and I am super excited about the launch. We are getting close to the testing phase right now. It has been some tiny roadblocks that pushed us back a lot in terms of timeline. However, we are back on track and cannot wait to introduce it to the world.


‘Women supporting women’, what’s your opinion on that?

I breathe, eat and live this philosophy. My personal brand (Instagram @xotraceynguyen) is all about this idea. I know it is quite hard but I try to make a conscious decision every day to shop and support female-owned business or business that aligns with value. As I mentioned above, there is truly an abundance of wealth & happiness out there and we can all get there so much faster as women if we work and support one another.


What factors should a female entrepreneur keep in mind when it comes to pursuing new growth opportunities?

I used to say, “Branding, core values and all of that good stuff.” But now I say, “Know yourself and know your worth!” As women, we tend to be a lot more critical with ourselves. We tend to compare ourselves to others and we also tend to give a lot of ourselves to others. Although there isn’t anything wrong with being a giver, I believe that we all need to have healthy boundaries and time to reflect and re-evaluate all opportunities that come to us.

There is a saying that I truly love, and it says, “When you don’t know who you are, distractions can look a lot like opportunities.” You want to focus and say yes only to opportunities that align with your core values & your heart. That is the only way for you to have the motivation, the passion and the fulfillment to wake up every day and pursuing those opportunities.


How do you plan to grow BOWO in the near future?

BOWO is still in a very early stage of growth. I am so blessed and humbled to have the mentors and the team of such incredible individuals to help me grow this company. We obviously have many ambitious plans for growth. In our perspectives, if we can help one more woman to succeed, grow her brand, her business to the point where she could have more time to work on her business instead of in her business, have more time to spend with her family and more time to discover her potentials and more time to take care of herself, we will so proud and grateful.


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