Bradley Cooper Birthday: Aloha, Burnt, Hit an Run – 5 Movie Quotes by the Actor That Prove He Is the Coolest of All

Ananya Swaroop
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The handsome Bradley Cooper is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. It is pretty hard to choose one role that he has essayed on the screen and call it our favourite. Throughout his career until now, the actor has made sure he experiments with the kind of roles he does and has managed to wow the audience with his immaculate portrayal of different characters. The man was first seen in a guest role in the television series Sex and the City back in 1999 after which he enrolled himself in the MFA program at the Actors Studio in 2000. He then marked his film debut with the comedy flick Wet Hot American Summer. Bradley Cooper Birthday Special: From A Star Is Born to American Hustle, 5 Unmissable Performances of the American Actor.

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He went on to do a spy-action television show titled Alias which proved to be very good for him. Bradley gained popularity after his stint as Will Tippin in the show. Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle are some of his most iconic films that still remain audience's favourites. His performance in A Star Is Born and the song from the film's album titled Shallow was the talk of the town for months and helped Bradley gain more and more love from the audience.

And just like his powerful performances, Bradley's dialogues have also been very epic. Some of his lines from different movies were so on-point that hearing him deliver those words on the screen gave us some hope and encouragement. From romanticising a Sunday to making fun of popular fashion trends, Bradley's words have always proved that he is the coolest of all. So in the honour of his 46th birthday, we decided to list down five of his most-iconic movie quotes! Check them out! Bradley Cooper Hesitant to Commit To His A Star is Born Co-Star Lady Gaga After Breakup With Irina Shayk?

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“The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That's guaranteed. But guess what? Sunday's my favourite day again.” - Pat, Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper In Silver Linings Playbook (Pic Credit: Facebook)

“In any of its many forms, I have found that nothing beats fun.” - Brian Gilcrest, Aloha

Bradley Cooper In Aloha (Pic Credit: Facebook)

“Cooking is an expression of who we are and right now we're two stars, both of us. It's a two-star review.” - Adam Jones, Burnt

Bradley Cooper In Burnt (Pic Credit: Facebook)

“I'm gonna tell you something. It's not cool to wear those tank tops anymore. Unless you're wearing it ironically or something.” - Alex Dmitri, Hit And Run

Bradley Cooper In Hit And Run (Pic Credit: Facebook)

“In America, I believe the ordinary meets the extraordinary every single day.” - Neil Walker, Joy

Bradley Cooper In Joy (Pic Credit: Facebook)

Reading these movie quotes surely has brought a smile on your face. We know you will agree when we say that these movie quotes are just so epic! Well, we should be thanking the birthday boy Bradley Cooper, for making it all look so suave and crisp. Join us in wishing the talented actor a very happy 46th birthday.