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Smriti Malhotra Irani

The 25 year old became a matter of national sensation in 2001, for her vivid portrayal of Tulsi Virani. Two years into it and she once again surprised her audence by accepting to play mother to actors her own age, and older. Summet Sachdev, who played Tulsi’s first born, Gautam was 5 days older to Smriti and Hiten Tejwani was 2 years seniors to the actress. Interesting that Gauri Pradhan – Nandini – in Kyunki… and Smriti were competing for the title of Miss India in 1998.

Brave actresses who changed the face and notion of "Maa" on Indian Television for ever

Gone are the days of white clad, pitiable mothers in the entertainment. The new wave of television introduced in the wake of this millennium marked a change in how the country wanted to see its mothers.

A new experiment that encouraged young actress to take changes and accept roles years older to themselves. Some of them did flinch and eventually gave up – but those who gave it a try, are patently savoring the delicious fruits of fame.

Here are the famous TV mothers that had onscreen children of the same age, if not older.