Bravo! Anand Mahindra praises Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for this initiative

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With tech giants like Amazon and Google talking about turning carbon neutral for their businesses, climate change is clearly a buzzword in the business world of technology. No wonder, on Twitter, industrialist Anand Mahindra was all praise for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella!

Wondering whether the praise was for Satya Nadella voicing his stance on CAA? Then, think again! While Nadella’s views on CAA have been widely reported and debated, Anand Mahindra was praising him for a completely different reason.

The reason, believe it or not, is all about Nadella pledging to combat climate change and taking concrete steps to make this possible. Yes, you read this correctly! At an event ‘Microsoft’s commitment to Sustainability’, Microsoft CEO Nadella announced a $1 billion initiative – Climate Innovation Fund that aims to accelerate the development of carbon reduction and renewable tech.

Curious to know what being carbon neutral is all about? Simply put, when a company talks about becoming carbon neutral, the reference is to releasing net-zero carbon emissions in the environment.

In this context, Microsoft aims to remove all carbon that the company has emitted directly or through electrical consumption by 2050. Clearly, this marks a truly ambitious and futuristic step into a carbon-neutral future!

In his tweet, Mahindra had praised Nadella as follows, "Bravo Satya Nadella….."

In his tweet, Mahindra also referred to the announcement where he shared his intention of making Mahindra Rise to be carbon-neutral by the year 2040. Stating that while he had initially considered it a decision that was at least ten years ahead, he adds that Satya Nadella ‘raised the bar for us’.

Earlier, Satya Nadella had tweeted about taking responsibility to make commitments to address climate change.

However, Anand Mahindra’s tweet was a direct response on reports that Microsoft aims to remove carbon than it emits by 2030 and by 2050, it aims to have taken out enough to account for all the direct emissions the company had ever made!

Through his tweet, Anand Mahindra expressed his appreciation on Nadella’s views about tackling climate change in a way that benefits everyone on the planet.