Braxton Yeoman and MySuccess.Team Help Prevent Corona Virus Spread


From the Far East to the New World, the coronavirus has reached pandemic levels. China, where the virus originated, has reported almost hundreds of thousands of people affected by this flu-like infection. South Korea came in second, reporting several thousands affected. In Europe, particularly Italy, and in Iran, thousands have been affected, too. The governments of these countries and many others have gone into lockdown to curb the spread of the disease. Economies are grinding to a halt and many people are worried about contracting a highly communicable disease that has no cure.

Although there is still no vaccine or specific medicine tailored for the coronavirus, the disease itself is treatable. People infected need serious medical support for their bodies to naturally recover. So far, fatality rates are around 4%, with most of the fatalities occurring among the elderly, those with pre-existing illnesses, and those with similar compromises to their immune system.

On the other hand, about 80% of those infected who have received hospital treatment have made full recoveries. But the infectious nature of the disease – which spreads through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes – threatens to infect entire populations. Current health care systems – even ones from the most advanced and socially developed countries – will not be able to accommodate the potential number of people that will require the level of medical attention needed for a coronavirus recovery.

Knowing that this will be the likely scenario if the spread of the disease continues unabated, experts say that the most viable solution to remedying the nationwide health crisis is through disease prevention and helpful cooperation among public and private entities. To this effect, MySuccess.Team – a leading business coaching provider – is up to the task and is doing its part in fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this month, the people at MySucess.Team have started distributing hundreds of face masks and hand sanitizers in several affected working-class neighborhoods in the Midwest. Braxton Yeoman, the head business coach of MySuccess.Team, has said that they’ve started stockpiling on personal sanitation supplies in early February when the global outbreak became eminent. All stocks are being given out for free.

Braxton admits that in the scale of things, their month’s worth of supplies will only benefit a limited number of people. However, he contends that having some effort to contain the outbreak is better than having none at all. And rightfully so.

No stranger to charity work, Braxton and MySuccess.Team have participated in various corporate charity events in the past. Only last December, he and MySuccess.Team have donated meals to Operation Homefront – a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support and assistance to military families who are going through financial challenges. The charity event itself was called Holiday Meals For Military. At the event, holiday meal kits were distributed to military families in need, ensuring that each family did not have to worry about not having a feast for the holidays.

Ever the optimist and forward-thinker, Braxton has long espoused the benefits of working from home. MySuccess.Team has built a reputation for teaching other ways and means to have gainful employment from the comfort and safety of one’s abode. With the power of the internet, employment possibilities are now endless, and considering current events, Braxton foresaw the need for expert guidance among people choosing home-based working arrangements.

Braxton also believes that teamwork on a national scale will help everybody avoid the worst of the pandemic. He hopes that doing good deeds can also go viral.

Whether it is about providing business coaching for leaders, designing and administering professional development programs, or fulfilling civic obligations, it is easy to see that Braxton and MySuccess.Team are truly in the business of helping people. MySuccess.Team not only helps others succeed through its revolutionary online education but also redefines its own success through its version of global citizenship that transcends business interests and embraces the highly rated online provider’s role as a giver of charitable support.

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