Braxton Yoeman’s Elderly Outreach: Meals, Education, and Support

Amar Singh Rathore

One of the many challenges that the elderly in America experience today is limited mobility.  As seniors adjust to bodily changes, their ability to work diminishes over time. For them, running errands becomes arduous and sustaining daily routine feels more grueling. Moreover, for many elderly people, shopping for a decent meal is already too demanding. This is a huge concern since many of the elderly people in America today live on their own or are prematurely sent to a nursing home. Because of this, many suffer in malnutrition and social isolation in their advancing years.


Fortunately, there are organizations such as Meals on Wheels America that fight against the threat of food insecurity and social isolation of the aged. As it mentions on its website, it aims to help the elderly “age with dignity and without fear of hunger”. Through public-private partnerships, this nonprofit organization provides meals to many seniors in America.


Given this, Braxton Yoeman, a well-known business coach of MySuccess.Team is partnering with Meals on Wheels America to feed the elderly through door-to-door meal delivery. Despite his growing success in his career, it is notable how Braxton uses his platform to positively affect people’s lives and to raise awareness about prevailing societal issues in his community.


Problem on Food Insecurity of the Aged


According to the data posted on Meals on Wheels America’s website, nearly 9.5 million seniors are threatened by hunger, 2.2 million of which faces “very low” food security. Also, one in five seniors experiences social isolation, meaning they live alone. What makes this worse is the increasing number of elderly that experience poverty in their old age. Moreover, based on recent data, around 7.1 million seniors live in poverty.


With all these available statistics on hunger, social isolation, and poverty, along with the declining health and limited mobility of the seniors, America certainly needs to extend its hand to help to provide a better and more secure life to the elderly. America’s problem of seniors’ hunger starts with the simplest tasks that they now cannot do. Some of them find it too tiring to go out due to complications in their health. Thus, they are not able to run errands or to even buy their meals. Adding the problem to the financial strain that many of them experience, they cannot afford to hire help or nurse that they can take care of them. So, as a result, they are left alone while facing a serious threat of hunger.


About Meals on Wheels America


As mentioned, Meals on Wheels America focuses on providing the elderly with a better life as they age by providing meals to them through public and private collaborations. It is the only federally supported program that focuses on combatting elderly malnutrition. Through meal delivery with the help of its volunteers, it has been providing an average of 220 million meals to 2.4 million seniors every year.


Meals on Wheels America’s service does not just help fight hunger, but as well as social isolation, through its personalized service to each beneficiary. According to the organization’s recent data, 59% of home-delivered meal recipients live alone. For many of the beneficiaries, the person delivering the meal to them is the only person they would see on that day. Moreover, the organization also makes sure that the meal it provides adheres to the dietary guidelines set by the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program.  


To know more about its program or to donate, visit Meals on Wheels America’s website at


About Braxton Yoeman


MySuccess.Team’s Braxton Yoeman is a renowned business coach who has been recognized in many news and educational sites such as the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, Harvard University, and The Yale Tribune. His success is not limited to his duty as a business coach but also extends to his role as a responsible member of his community. He has taken steps to help military families and now, the elderly.


In spite of his notable success as a business coach, Braxton Yoeman never forgets to give back to the community.  It is noteworthy how a gifted man like him always takes the initiative to take care of the people in need. To know more about Braxton and his unprecedented accomplishments as a business coach, visit MySuccess.Team’s website at or send an email to

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