Braxton Yoeman and MySuccess.Team donating meals to military families during Christmas


Esteemed business coach Braxton Yoeman and the wonderful people at MySuccess.Team are participating in an upcoming annual charity event by Operation Homefront.

Operation Homefront is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support and assistance to military families who are going through financial challenges. Their mission is to help these families get back on their feet and the assistance comes in many forms like medical aid, placement for gainful employment post-discharge, and financial support for the families of soldiers coming from or returning to active duty. These are just a few among Operation Homefront’s dozen of other projects.

The charity event is Operation Homefront’s Holiday Meals For Military. In this event, Holiday Meal kits are distributed to military families in need, ensuring that each family will not have to worry anymore about having a complete feast for the holidays. Close to half a million families have benefited from this program since its inception in 2008. In the last holiday which was thanksgiving, Holiday Meals For Military was able to provide Holiday Meal kits for thousands of military families. All of the Meal Kits have been generously provided by private sponsors supporting the cause.  And now the program is getting ready for the next major holiday: Christmas.

Headed by Braxton Yoeman, MySuccess.Team will be donating meals to the Holiday Meals program. According to Yoeman and MySuccess.Team, becoming one of the civilian sponsors for this year is just a small gift considering how much these men and women in uniform have given to the country. Also, the charitable act is a way for MySuccess.Team to practice what they’ve often preached in their business coaching programs.

That is, Braxton Yoeman and MySuccess.Team have always taught that private enterprises cannot be for-profit alone. Whether it’s for small start-ups or big corporations, fulfilling civic duties fall upon everyone, no matter the scale of operations. These duties range from environmental consciousness to connecting with local communities.

But why do businesses need these kinds of seemingly out-of-business out-of-pocket participation? MySuccess.Team stresses that a company doing good is more than about creating tax write-offs, maintaining good public relations, or strengthening the brand – although MySuccess.Team will admit that those are always welcomed upshots to charity work. MySuccess.Team holds that one of the important differences between failed businesses and successful ones (or at least businesses that stand a good chance for success) is having a good set of company values. MySuccess.Team furthers that there has to be a serious effort in actualizing company values within and beyond the confines of the business.

Company values are functional, moral and ethical guidelines that help members of the business organization – such as the employees and management – make informed decisions in every aspect of their operation and that all actions taken are aligned to a common cause. Operating with the company values in mind makes for unified company culture. The right kind of company values will foster diligence, loyalty, and excellence, while the wrong kind – such as ones perceived as self-serving or “every-man-for-himself” – runs the biggest risk of implosion and failure.

But as Braxton Yoeman and MySuccess.Team often point out in their executive coaching programs, there will always be a conundrum with company values even when the values have been framed with the best intention. That is, all work and decisions made for the company stands to benefit only the company. That’s not necessarily a bad thing especially if employees see themselves as integral parts of the company, which just means that what benefits the company benefits them. But a lot of times, employees see themselves as separate entities from the company and it is when the circular thinking of self-service becomes poisonous. Members of an organization need a moral incentive to associate themselves with their organization further than just contractual obligations.

So it tremendously helps employees see that they (as part of the company, business, or organization) are not just looking out for themselves. People want to be part of something more than about making a buck or two. People will give more of themselves working for a company with righteousness in its values and these values reflect in company activities that pose the least gains for the company like charitable works, community services, and the likes. Braxton Yoeman puts it better: “Doing a good deed should be the reward itself, plain and simple.”

And for MySuccess.Team, no group deserves help better than the military families whose enlisted family members have been the most selfless in their services. Giving these families a holiday feast is the least anyone can do.

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