'Breaking Bad' character features on chemistry book, netizens in splits

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23 Jun 2021: 'Breaking Bad' character features on chemistry book, netizens in splits

Breaking Bad ended in 2013, but the iconic series still has a special place in the hearts of its fans. And when something related to it creates a buzz, netizens can't keep their calm. The recent one is that a chemistry textbook in Sri Lanka featured one of the show's lead characters, Jesse Pinkman, on its cover. The image was shared on Reddit.

Description: What is the picture all about?

The textbook features a picture of Pinkman (Aaron Paul), wearing a hazmat suit and holding a glass beaker with "Science for Technology" written next to it. It is a shot of one of the scenes from the early seasons of Breaking Bad when Walter White (Bryan Cranston) teaches Pinkman to cook methamphetamine. At the cover's bottom, the Sinhala text reads, "Chemistry for Chemical Industry."

Reactions: Netizens are having a laugh riot

This Reddit post has given rise to the hilarious side of the fans. While some sarcastically commented, "Yeah, science," a few wrote lines in Pinkman's style, "And that is what we call a chemical reaction, BITCH!" Another user left others in splits with this comment, "Now you have to figure out what they google'd to get that as one of the top pics (sic)."

Fact: Why White was not on the cover? Fans wonder

While Pinkman was loved by viewers, White stole the show. Some wonder why Pinkman went on the cover when White aka Heisenberg was the mastermind. Also, a few said this cover idea might not be a good example for students.

About: The series also had a movie as a sequel

Breaking Bad revolved around White, a high school teacher with inoperable lung cancer, and Pinkman, a local drug dealer. To secure the family's future, White begins to cook crystal meth and rope in Pinkman to sell. The series portrays their journey from naive to professionals. In 2019, Netflix released a movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, as a sequel to this series.

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