Breaking the Mold – The Women Behind Bling Advisor Are Here To Capture Your Heart With Custom Bespoke Jewelry

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Fine jewelry gifts are the most timeless way to show someone you care. Custom jewelry pieces made with diamonds, gemstones and precious metals that can stand the test of time and reflect your unique style make wonderful, personalized gifts for that special someone in your life. Oftentimes, when you have a vision, these specialized pieces end up blowing the budget and you may find yourself at the jeweler’s settling for something less extravagant and mass produced. Amber and Kathleen, the women behind Bling Advisor, were not satisfied with seeing couples sacrifice their dreams of beautiful custom jewelry designs. So they were moved to give people more options and shake up the industry with high-quality, structurally sound, bespoke pieces that are tailor-made to their client’s specifications, and don't break the bank!

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Bling Advisor is a well-respected, family owned business that specializes in custom fine jewelry that tells your story. Although they operate completely online as an e-commerce platform, their world class customer service provides an intimate back and forth with their clients throughout the whole process. The end result is a one-of-a-kind piece that can become a family heirloom. All of Bling Advisor's clients can attest to the worry-free experience they had during the process of creating their dream jewelry. The Bling Advisor team delivers both digital CAD renders and a physical resin model of their client's projects free of charge on qualifying orders to make sure their client’s vision is exactly as they imagined it prior to creating the final piece. The Bling Advisor team takes on any design inspirations and specifications for their projects and works with their clients to forge a piece that takes into account both their creative desires and ensures structural integrity of the piece.

Bling Advisor advocates for ethically sourced materials and world-class craftsmanship at affordable prices. They pride themselves on the relationships and resources they have developed over the years which enables them to offer their platform where clients can complete any kind of custom fine jewelry project at the most affordable price. One of their top advisors is known in the industry as the “Jeweler’s Jeweler” because of their ability to take on challenging projects that jeweler’s at other companies were unable to complete and finish them with unparalleled precision. Where many jewelry companies will offer generic, fragile designs that aren't made with longevity in mind; Bling Advisor navigates the industry for each client and provides their expert services directly to customers, with quality and value as their top priorities.

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The women behind Bling Advisor are leaders in custom engagement rings as well as other bespoke, fine jewelry projects. They work closely with industry advisors that are current with industry trends and offer designs that stand a cut above the rest. Their passion is creating beautiful, custom pieces that capture the essence of their clients personality and can last for generations as a family heirloom. Bling Advisor is one of the few one-stop solutions offering true custom jewelry, ready-to-ship pieces in an online shop, insurance, maintenance and expert laser repairs. They can’t be matched when it comes to their personal attention to helping clients achieve the goal of telling their personal story through their designs.

Whether you want to stand apart from the crowd who wears the same tired, old ring designs; you want a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece that you can pass on to your family; or you want a personal and intimate experience when it comes to designing a piece for your beloved and want to ensure that your ideas are heard and worked with, look no further than Bling Advisor.

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