Breastfeeding or Bottle, Motherhood is Hard Says Sameera Reddy

Actor Sameera Reddy is breaking the silence around the tough parts of motherhood and speaking up on the struggles of breastfeeding.

Often relegated to whisper networks and not discussed in the mianstream, Reddy chose to post on Instagram about the difficulties in breastfeeding – especially post a C-section.

The Bottle or the Breast, a Mother’s Choice Matters!

Throwing a bone into the breastfeeding vs bottle debate, she said that “ I think it’s cool if a mom wants to move totally to formula or only BF or balance both.”

She added, “There is no shame and no one can define what’s the perfect way,” underlining the still-revolutionary idea of a woman’s choice.”

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"“We’re doing the best we can...It’s quite hard!”"

The effect of an influential figure opening up on previously silenced subjects is immense, and the comments under Reddy’s post are bursting with other moms speaking about their motherhood struggles too.

“You are made to feel like a failure if you struggle, and you already have a rollercoaster of emotions thanks to the hormones,” reads one comment. Another talks about the stress of a low-milk supply amidst the notion that ‘breast is best’ and the emotional toll it can take on a new mom.

Pregnancy and Body Positivity

Reddy is no stranger to embrace motherhood in all its avatars, and she recently did a beautiful underwater shoot to promote body positivity during a pregnancy.

FIT earlier reported on the #This_is_postpartum movement in the United States that encouraged new moms to embrace their new bodies in May 2019. The hashtag fostered a lot of body positivity for mothers, and a flood of women posted after-birth pictures of their bodies.

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